TO THE LOVELY JENNYPOOP happy happy happy happy happy seriously delayed birthday omg;;; here’s a henry with a bigass aussie crow dark magic spell thing and may your mu live a happy marriage with him ^p^//

I’ve been away for so long ajsdhkasd let’s catch up soon now since its holidays but I’m overseas TvT Thanks for sharing all these really great times with me and never failing to put a smile on my face. Also —you poopy stop drawing so well and lend me some skills pls.

♥ emma

hnnnnggggg ////////  sorry long time no post;; Finally got my tablet back from repairs!!

Annie killed Petra and the whole recon corp DO YOU STILL LOVE HER NOW???!!!?!?!??!!!?!??!!??


YES SHE’S THE BEST AND I STILL LOVE HER TO BITS  (btw I already knew that before posting the drawing)  We really don’t know whether or not she had good or bad intentions, but yes, killing so many is unacceptable. I still refuse to believe she’s ‘evil’ as with other titan-shifters.

Update time!

I’ll be going to watch Eva 3.0 in cinemas tomorrow *~* so excited; so I’m keeping myself preoccupied with drawing some stuff.

As for the lack of updates, I’ll need to blame that on my broken tablet ;7; at this rate, I’ll be churning out traditional stuff for the next few months as I’m not too sure whether or not I’ll be able to have it repaired…….

Going to open commissions for samples seen above to try and raise money for a new tablet OTL;;

$30 AUD: per character (already includes postage fees)                              Please drop me a message or email me at :

  • These are drawn traditionally with Copic markers on a 15cm x 15cm square piece of paper, which are then mounted on some nice card.
  • The original pieces will be mailed to you
  • I’m happy to draw almost anything, shoot me an e-mail if you aren’t too sure!

For those who have commissioned me for a digital piece of artwork before and have yet to receive it; please message me if you would like something traditional instead (if you don’t want to wait for my tablet’s revival)

Sorry for the long post, I just really want to get back to drawing again ; u ;

argh seriously can’t wait for s2 and baby  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧ HIMURO <33 guhhhh